“True style money can’t buy.  Style is something subtle that shows in small details. It’s not the clothes you wear; it’s the way you act, move, speak.” -Carolina Herrera

Hey y’all. Yes, y’all. Highly Southern, even more sophisticated. Naomi Campbell meets Blanche Devereaux. 😉

Welcome to my site; a platform for lovers of style, makeup and inspiration.  I’m here to empower you through style.  I love thrifting and consignment shopping, DIY projects, playing model and watching reruns of Golden Girls and Girlfriends.  I’m a believer living your best life and chasing and catching your dreams.

I’m a Christian, leader, and an absolute dork.  I’m a daughter, sister, aunt and someone’s other 👀.   I’m a comic book creep, I love Spanish, ice cream, peanuts and music. I’m a friend, therapist and i’m figuring things out; that’s what the Journal is for. I’ll share occasionally things on my heart and hope it blesses you.  Let me inspire you, shop for you, style you….even listen 🙂

That’s it for now. Catch me somewhere on social, in front of Netflix or in my local consignment store. 🙂

I worked with Charisse Shontai for several years and she quickly gained the reputation of best dressed and most stylish among our office of women. I have consistently been impressed with her ability to shop(and thrift shop at that) and am so excited to see her pursuing her passion. If you’re struggling with your style or just hate shopping (like I do), Charisse Styles is your solution!


Best shopping experience of my *life*. I always hated shopping and avoided it as much as possible. Charisse assessed my style, previewed the stores, and in just under two hours, I had the best wardrobe my closet has ever seen. I feel beautiful. I feel phenomenal. Without Charisse with me every step of the way, I would have never accomplished what happened today. This is a MUST HAVE service for busy women.