“True style money can’t buy.  Style is something subtle that shows in small details. It’s not the clothes you wear; it’s the way you act, move, speak.” -Carolina Herrera

This was the end result is an evolving space of honing in on my gift, passion and ultimately, purpose — Stylist and Image Consultant.  While not always good at it, i’ve always loved fashion, makeup, interior designing…pretty much anything creative.  I thrive on HGTV, Pinterest and am obsessed and pretty freaking good at thrifting, DIY-ing and refurbishing.

About me:

Previously? I was everything I am now, except a lesser version of myself.  That is one reason why I love empowering and doing so by being transparent, yet uplifting.  For me, that happened outwardly and crept inside.  The more confident I became, the more it matured me, I found “my thing” and it’s helped me help countless others.  For me, that’s been through my style and in essence, being an uncompromisingly version of myself.  People were drawn to a naturalness about my style that I constantly overlooked and realized that I was overlooking and downplaying my passion and purpose.

I love planning and coordinating. Actually, I just like being the boss. Technically, an undercover boss because i’m here to build and put your best version out into the world by helping you find or enhance your individual style that’ll speak to others and command attention.  While in college, I majored/minored/semi-mastered in Management, Logistics and Urban Planning. I like control; it’s a good and a bad thing, sometimes. I like challenges, processes and strategizing. That means i’m a details kinda gal. Details are what make a person and I can make you look absolutely stunning and more likely than not, save you money.

I’m a Christian, I’m a leader, I’m an absolute dork.  I’m a daughter, sister, aunt and someone’s other 👀.   I’m a comic book creep, I love Spanish, ice cream, peanuts and music. I’m a friend, therapist and i’m figuring things out; that’s what the Journal is for. I’ll share occasionally things on my heart and hope it blesses you.  Let me inspire you, shop for you, style you….even listen 🙂

That’s it for now. Catch me somewhere on social 🙂