How to become a Superhero

If you live in North America, it’s probably out of the ordinary to experience summer temperatures in the winter.  I live in Savannah, Georgia and we have three temperatures: warm, scorching, and freezing. There is no in between for a Southern; it’s one or the other or the other. Aside from the time passing so quickly these days (maybe it’s those old wives tales that when you get older time flies), we’ve been having an irregular late fall/early winter season here in the South.  The weather patterns have been a bit inconsistent (from historical parameters)—80 degree days and 40 degree nights…in December.  Usually around this time, it’s already cooled down—not this 2015 season.  I’m no meteorologist or climatologist, nor am I upset with the warm weather we’re having—it’s just inconsistent, probably just like you.

I don’t need to reiterate all the injustice going on in the world today, but it’s pretty crazy out here.  Maybe you’ve heard of this saying- “the spiritual and natural are connected”.  What that does not mean is God is controlling all the evil going on in the world today—He’s not controlling it; He’s given us free will.  (Actually, His Son Jesus died on the cross, if you did not know. In that action, released to you was the power that you lost in the garden. You know, Adam and Eve… Garden of Eden? They exercised free will too.)  A lot of people are wondering when God is going to step in and stop ISIS, end racial inequality around the globe, poverty, or actually slap Donald Trump with the realization that he has racist-esque tendencies.  In actuality, He gave US the power to do these things (even the latter, but please don’t physically slap Donald or anyone).

1 Corinthians 15:57 NIV “But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

John 14:12-14 (GNT) “I am telling you the truth: those who believe in me will do what I do—yes, they will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask for in my name, so that the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son. 14 If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.”

It’s In YOU

In each of us lies a leader with a certain talent, assignment, reach, greatness, and potential.  Most people never tap into their hidden potential because they are disconnected with their true, authentic, and spiritual self.  In short, what needs to happen is we need to realize the power we inherently have. For example, Clark Kent knew he was different, but he didn’t know why; he thought he was a normal person. He did not know that he was born with powers that could change the world AND what people thought of him. Clark stepped into his destiny by owning who he was, no longer dying his birthright.  We’ve allowed the craziness of the world (people), manipulation of the media, and the Church becoming a people pleasing entity (and not a soul saving entity) that we haven’t been taught or forgotten the power we possess. (Not x-ray vision.)

Until you appreciate the originality and authenticity of yourself, you’ll never discover what’s hidden under your false exterior .

I’m not a bible scholar or theologian; however as a dork (obviously, and Clark Kent is Superman if you didn’t know that) and student of the Teacher, there are things He has equipped us with. For example in Joshua 1:6 He tells us to be strong and of good courage.  God will not ask you to be something you are not.  We cannot justify timidity; the timid and weak are not fit for carrying out life’s purpose and God’s will.  Strength comes from perfect, personal conviction from God’s word. We’ve got to give Him something—the heart of a worshipper can tap into the Divine potential hidden in out fleshly hearts.

2 Timothy 1:7 NIV “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

It’s Your Mind

Our inconsistency lies in our minds. The devil would not be as busy if you didn’t give him your mind for his playground. In Purpose Awakening, it outlines the two common strategies of the enemy:

  1. The lie of inadequacy (on our perception of ourselves)
  2. Distraction.

Purpose requires concentration.  Satan has one good quality—he is GOOD at his job.  But, just as easy as it is to qualify someone, they can be disqualified.  The key to disqualifying the enemy is for you to be better at YOUR job.  Our job isn’t (supposed to be) hard—we only have a few things we must do—love God and love people. Hate to say it, and I’m no fan of cliché’s, but they are so true—love conquers all (in 1 Corinthians 13).  However, the type of love we need is the love of the Father (and that includes His gracefulness and forgiveness—that is a part of LOVE people.)

In order for us to be the change agents and generational leaders we are called to be, we must allow God to renovate us and renew our minds.  It’s HARD to love people.  It’s hard to forgive people.  However, we must do these things to be effective and to elevate our lives.

Matthew 18:21-22 “Lord, how many times may my brother sin against me and I forgive him, up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I tell you, not seven times but seventy times seven!

We cannot expect  to elevate or have or renovation complete if we are harboring unforgiveness.  Unforgiveness destroys our relationship with God. It’s a faith blocker.  Unforgiveness makes it impossible to believe God because you are hurting.  Forgiving is not an easy task! IS NOT! Forgiveness is a lifestyle. It must be a lifestyle  if you have to seventy times seven (implying for each offense). Forgiveness can make you a different person. Destiny requires you to become a different person. You cannot reach destiny and stay the same person. To stay the same is abnormal. You are pre-programmed to change—by not changing, you’re denying your spirit its birthright. That’s a personal injustice.

Ephesians 4:22-24 GNT,” You were taught to change the way you were living. The person you used to be will ruin you through desires that deceive you. However, you were taught to have a new attitude. You were also taught to become a new person created to be like God, with a life that truly has God’s approval and is holy.”

Romans 12:2, GNT “ Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God—what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.”

Don’t be distracted by your sense of lack; grace is ever present.  The process of buying a home starts with personal savings and getting your finances in order; the same for the personal renewal process.  It starts with you taking ownership. It takes time and you will need grace…and mercy, and a lot of it.  We must invest in ourselves.  We must feed our spirit.  Frankly, I’m going to be honest with you—YOU MUST GET IT.  The world is in turmoil and needs some spirit renovated, love possessed, forgiving souls to answer its cry (Romans 8:19-27). God gave us the power. Take back your mind and give it to who it belongs to- Your Father.

2016 is going to be a great year for me because a have a slew of superhero movies coming out to roll over in glitter and sprinkle fairy dust around the globe. However, what’s more exciting, is that we all have His Super with Our Natural to be superheroes in our world today! Be a Clark (Diana, or Kara, or Oliver Queen)! Realize, OWN, and LIVE your destiny.  You don’t need mind reading powers, x-ray vision, or super strength to be a Superhero!!!  You need will, determination, love, compassion, forgiveness–all in our untapped potential.  Don’t be fickle like the weather—hot one day, cold the next. Be focused. Be intentional. Be the superhero you were born to be.

Be Phenomenal,



*Suggested Reading AND here’s a PDF of the Dangers of Unforgiveness, by Guillermo Maldonado

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