Last Day of Fall: Knits and Print

Savannah is known for it’s history and beauty.  It’s my hometown and my home.  I left a few times, but it just draws you back.  Savannah has three climate categories– hot, really hot, and cold.  Our December climate this year has been a little abnormal; it’s been a relatively warm December.  Staying true to the season and respecting the shifting weather, check out how to layer different materials and prints.

Photo Dec 20, 3 41 38 AMPhoto Dec 21, 1 21 12 AMPhoto Dec 21, 1 29 32 AMPhoto Dec 21, 10 35 34 AMPhoto Dec 21, 10 28 25 AM

Poncho Sweater, Target $21 | Booties, Old (Similar Here Here) | Bracelets, Stax By B | Tights, Target $5 | Earrings, Top, Skirt are Goodwill for $11 total

Splurge- MK Grayson Satchel. Buy Used Here or New Design Here 


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