Spring in Winter, Pt. 2

YEESSS! We’re still in the eighties in Sunny Savannah! I guess Winter is Coming soon in King’s Landing, I mean Savannah, eventually. While we wait, living in the South has certain fashion perks- you can ignore a few ‘fashion rules’. It’s so warm, seasonal clothing crosses seasons. AND COLORS.

Bold Print. Bold Lip. I’m here for it! Completely thrifted, too.

Thrifting advice: you can walk in and find anything, but if you have at least an hour to search the racks, you’ll find great pieces hidden under the junk. Also, most consignment shops or second-hand stores have special priced days where you can get items for half off!  Lastly, find a store close to an upscale neighborhood–they are always giving away good stuff. Yes, that one was for free ;). 

Photo Dec 27, 1 00 03 PMPhoto Dec 27, 1 03 33 PMPhoto Dec 27, 12 38 12 PMPhoto Dec 27, 1 01 46 PMPhoto Dec 27, 8 50 59 PM

Seen On Me:

Some tagless dress from Goodwill for $5 | Earrings, Walmart $1 ONE DOLLAR!!! (Not Thrifted, but ONE DOLLAR) | Bag, a stand in the Cayman Islands | Booties, Michael Kors/Old Similar HERE

Colourpop Cosmetics is the BOMB. SUPER AFFORDABLE!!! Yes, the secret is OUT!!!



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