3 Reasons Why 2015 Sucked

Recently, I explained the problem of why we can’t progress; it’s all in your mind and our thoughtsOur mind is in constant competition with our spirit and our spirit is in competition with our emotions.  It seems like a hard battle.  The battle isn’t necessarily hard, it’s the training process that we give up on.  Any good athlete has a continuous, diligent, intentional, focused, complex, and purposeful training routine.  Athletes don’t enter the game thinking they are going to lose.  They may think that their opponent is a beast, but they play nonetheless putting to work the training they’ve covered over weeks, months, and years.  Athletes don’t train for one match—the training itself is a sport.  Let me get to the point—

God is a rewarder of diligence, obedience and discipline.  That reward comes after you’ve had a continuous, diligent, intentional, focused, complex, and purposeful training.

I previously stated, 2014 was a year of knowing, awareness, changing and renovating my jacked up mind. 2015 was a year for preparation and foundation building.  Rightfully so, 2016 will be the year of growth and production of fruit.  If we’re going to see that fruit come forth, there are going to be some things we did in 2014 and 2015 that just cannot happen in 2016 and beyond.  Those were preparation and foundation building years—now we’ve got to get it right.  Honestly and candidly, 2015 sucked. (For perspective purposes, this is a personal account blog.)  Primarily so because I was in a personal rut almost all year.  I’m going to tell you the 3 reasons why my setup in 2014 didn’t constitute the success I thought was going to happen in 2015, BUT WILL MANIFEST ITSELF IN 2016.  I kid you not—when we get past these problems and obstacles that are strength builders, we will snatch the trophy and there’ll be no mix up of who won the crown—the crown is yours.

  1. Depression and Doubt. (Lord. Jesus. He knows my heart.) He always knows how stubborn and skeptical I am. Not only that, I have a severe problem with self-deprecation.  I will talk myself out of my dreams, wants, and desires—I don’t need any help.  I’m over analytical of myself and a neurotic worrier.  I also like to test God—“well God, you said you was going to do it—DO IT.”  That my friends is some severe, selfish disobedience.  How was I expecting God to move for me when I wasn’t doing anything for Him?  My “resting” phase—it turned into laziness.  Laziness turned into me not seeing anything I wanted to manifest in my life happen.  I sat in a messy and moody depression for weeks. Weeks.  I didn’t like God.  We were not friends.  I didn’t worship.  Barely prayed.  Doubt, fear, and rejection had consumed my mind. Nothing divine or natural is going to happen without your participation.  When we allow devious and doubtful thoughts to take over our mind, our purpose has been halted. We must be intentional in training our mind and emotions to comply with our spirit.  It will be a process.  You’re going to sweat, get nasty, and probably down right dirty—your training to win.  Remember, it’s all in your mind. How can you doubt the plan that’s already proven to be successful?

  1. Lack of Protection. I did not get myself out of my little funk. I participated, and mostly unwillingly.  I recognized that I was still alive and even though there were attempts to through me off track, I was always divinely protected.  God used my family and very tight circle of friends to continuously keep me in check and to motivate me.  I ignored them for weeks on end until I listened to the very first instruction He gave me.  You will not go to the next round in the finals if you haven’t won the round before.  Around me (and always) were my family and friends speaking encouraging things into my life—never anything negative.  I eventually got to the point that if I didn’t see anything happen for myself, I was going to celebrate in the successes of those around me—and it helped.  My friends would call, text, or surprise me with lunch.  Just that small circle of maybe less than 10 helped pull me from my pit.  Your protection is not only divine, it’s also in the company you keep.  Is your team equipped with the training to keep you in the game?
  1. Poor Relationship. Our delivery is simple, yet sometimes—yet so often, we must travail for our blessing.  We think our blessing is late or we were denied, when often it is for protection or there is something greater. One thing we must learn, the enemy WILL tempt you with lesser and right before the breakthrough.  Why?  Because he knows how powerful you really are.  He knows how great the gift God gave you is and the power that lies within it when you align yourself to His purpose.  So how do we attain it?  What have I learned?  It comes only by WORSHIP.  We weren’t made for anything else but to live our lives to be an example for the brilliance of all that God is.  We can find all the satisfaction we need within our relationship with God.  I’m telling you, your victory is within your praise and worship. Don’t try this if you don’t believe it—when you truly put God and His word and His principles first…not only learning, but living it—HE WILL HONOR YOU.  He is a rewarder of those who put in the work.

One of my favorite songs is Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.  Sure, it’s a secular song—but I’m not so deep and holy I can’t listen to a little Sexy Back.  Anyways, the lyrics talk about his relationship, which he based on his grandparents relationship.  Every time I hear it, I get so emotional because I apply it in a spiritual sense.    Our ideal relationship with God can be described through that song.  He wants our reflection to be His own.  He’s trying to pull us through.  The vacancy in our heart is a place He wants to hold.

I want to suggest this to you going forward into the New Year—get rid of the doubt, surround yourself with believers, and the release of your blessing/promise/plan is in your Praise.  If I grasped that already, I would have already stepped into my purpose full-fledged.  However, I’m glad I didn’t.  Why? Because I can release to you what held me back and probably is holding you back.  If God gave you a talent or a desire–they are for a purpose.  It’s up to you how you use your talent and express your desires to become reality to put you into your purpose.

Don’t be so distracted that you can’t follow your instincts to find your purpose. 

There is a proper protocol we must follow to be successful—we must start with ourselves.  I challenge myself and I want you to do it with me (because we are all going to win), we must be intentional with our training. We have to stop blaming God and even the enemy because we haven’t been serious about our training.  Remember, that joker was already defeated.  We have to continue to be strengthened and continuously training.  We have to work our weight.  The strongest are always under the most attack.  That is why you must stay in training.

Have the most phenomenal year.  I know you will.  It’s already in my plans–put it in yours!


7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why 2015 Sucked

  1. Janique says:

    Charisse, I am so proud of what you have chosen to do. Continue to stand for what God ordained for your life and I know he’ll be pleased! Happy New Year!


  2. Kristen C says:

    The wisdom in this is sooo awesome. Definitely has motivated me to continue in diligence. It takes work to obtain a blessing that is truly from him & I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you as he uses you to lead people along that path!

    Liked by 1 person

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