Doorway of Change

This one for my homies.

For the past several months I’ve been staring at a door. Banging, knocking, hollering at the door…waiting for it to open.

For clarification, I’ve been wandering in a place within a few realms spiritually, personally, and professionally/purposefully.  (Not the realms of Kings Landing either.) I say wandering in the sense that I’m in the right place and on the right track, but I’m completely in a place of “I trust you God. I’m attempting to trust…wait, I am trusting you because I don’t know what’s going on and my plan has proven to fail…continuously, so yes, I’d say that’s trusting.” Right?!

So this is where I am.  I’m on the pathway to purpose—I can feel it!   I’ve arrived at purpose.  I’ve skipped the wrong and empty doors that house less than best or just, wrong—now, I’m at the door.  The door is very unsuspicious and inconspicuous. The only thing that’s gotten me to the door (and will get you there) has been trust.  Well, blind trust, occasionally.  While I’m here, in this place…this state of mind, staring at the door, I’m still searching.  I’m still looking for the known or the obvious, some sign!  Because I have been prolonging to enter the door, I’ve frustrated myself to anxiety and anger—I’ve even began to frustrate Grace.  Grace is frustrated because I’m frustrated and I’ve exhausted the grace on my current level.

This is a sign of growth and that you need to do something to get you through and to the next level.  When we settle in a place of frustration and frustrated grace, we can’t operate in God’s best.  We actually have settled for mediocracy. Mediocrity  and complacency are signs of deception.  As soon as you recognize you’ve been deceived, leave that place. No one likes to be in a place of uncertainty.  I’m reminded that God didn’t say life would be easy. He did say He’d be with us.  He expects us to evolve if we’re to obtain the promises He has for us.

Growth doesn’t lie in comfort.  Growth isn’t painless. Growth is disruptive. Growth will eliminate the immature and immaturity. Growth will manifest once you leave mediocracy. Complacency will not get you to purpose. A mediocre state of mind can’t get you to an abundant life. Living on purpose, for a purpose will get you to purpose and that’s where your abundance lives. We need to be very self-aware of the constantly changing seasons in our life.

Remember, if you don’t leave your place of contentment, you will stay there.  Your growth will be stunted. The place of contentment is dangerous.  Contentment leaves you unfulfilled and in a state a doubt.  But how can it leave me in a state of doubt?  If you are content with mediocrity in your life, on any level, in any stage, doubt is the root and the core because you don’t believe—that’s why you won’t leave, lack of belief.  You have to trust, Him.

The Wait

I recently wrote a series on The Wait, based on celibacy. If you read the book, you’ll quickly see that you can apply its principles to waiting on the Lord in all areas of your life!  God is the essence of patience and timing.  The beautiful thing about His plan and the way He does things, are that they are irrational to us, yet perfected in the end. His silence is protection. His stillness is peace. Non-movement doesn’t indicate there’s no movement.  In many cases, we aren’t ready for the move, person, or thing; we have some more growing to do before we can handle it.  God won’t give you something you aren’t ready for, because you don’t have all the tools to handle it.  Many times, we need more patience, more tolerance, an even temperament, and more of God internally before He will release what’s already ours—but there is a level we have obtain, first.  God is calculated, and designs far beyond our atmosphere of understanding.

I’ll leave you with this.  Many times we believe there is a God, but we don’t believe who He is.  We stop at the wondrous things He’s already done, but not in the specifics of our lives.  It’s up to you to get to that place of trust and build a relationship.  If you’re impatient like I am, or just thirsty to step into your purpose, are you fully prepared?  John Gray explains patience and purpose in a way I never heard or thought of before through the teaching of Jesus:

“Jesus had 30 years of preparation for a ministry that lasted 3 years for a purpose that lasted 3 hours.”

With that, I say—I’m almost 30!!! YEESSSS! Seriously, before then would be great.  The door God has isn’t locked.  You just need to walk in.

Be Phenomenl,


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