When you look at the pictures below…the scenery of the Oak lined avenue…it’s beautiful.  This is Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah, Georgia. While beautiful, this is one of hundreds of sights in Savannah in which Native’s and slaves (African Americans) cultivated this land.  I always pay homage to my past…the past of my ancestors.  I…we weren’t (hardly ever) told the (full) truth about everything they endured.  Attending an HBCU filled in those gaps tremendously. #hbcuadvocate Keeping that in mind,  I will always have work to do to move my community forward.  While it (the balance) is not perfect, I try to do so realistically and spiritually. Black is beautiful and I respect our journeys every single day of my life. I was really self conscious of being black growing up and in corporate America and in groups of friends. Until I grew into the confident, stable and sometimes petty Strong Black Woman. Sure wasn’t easy, but sure was worth it.

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Seen on me:

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Be Phenomenl (& #proud)

5 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. Brian Salters says:

    This place looks really nice. I’ll have to go check it out. Definitely love the way you put these colors together as well. Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing!

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