Walking in Alignment

Girls/Women have so much pressure on them to be the “entire package” by everyone around them. Not to downplay men’s struggle(s).  What will they think if I wear my hair natural?  Is my butt big enough?  Are my breasts sitting like a fresh loaf of bread?  Am I confident enough to step out the house without makeup?  Did I just say the wrong thing to him?  What will he think?  They really think i’m some angry black girl? I can guarantee–we’ve all been there. Are there.

Not until my mid (now late…LAAAAWWWDDD) 20’s, I didn’t understand the value of ME and how that valuation dictating how I lived my life.  When I understood my contributions and starting changing…from free form early 20’s to a very mature late 20’s…slowly that pressure eased up.  That sci-fi, anime, superhero loving girl evolved into a Sci-Fi, Anime, Superhero Woman.  The attention I gave to my personal details.  Discovery my own spirituality.  Appreciating and growing confident in MY body, not caring if I was TOO skinny. Enhancing contributions to my family, friends and community.  I started walking in alignment to my Essence.  Fine-tuning along the way. Friendships changed. I {think} became a better daughter, more thoughtful sister. Being…well at most TRYING MY HARDEST to live The Word I always talk about.

I hope you find the alignment for yourself—–IT’S FREEING!


Seen on Me:

Boys Marvel Graphic Tee, Target $10 | Black Asymmetrical Jacket, borrowed, SIMILAR HERE | Military Green Pencil Skirt, $15 Sadly, THE LIMITED has gone out of business, SIMILAR HERE

These perfectly fitting MANOLO BLAHNIK boots were given…FREELY to me by a good friend. God is good folks.

Be Phenomenl!!!!

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