At this point in my life, I don’t even ‘qualify’ a friend. You either are or you aren’t, but there are categories.  I’ve got old friends, college friends, girlfriends, my male friends, childhood friends and best friends. All of my friendships have evolved over the years, many are relationships that I lean on daily! But i’ve got a friend, one of 3 #bessfrens, closer than any brother and will discipline like a mother.  If we don’t pour into each other daily, it’s every other day.  Recently, she launched a new T-shirt line (read more here).  A lot of times, we sow into the  dreams and gifts of people we don’t even know before our own friends.

What I like about Scuttle’s (she does this PERFECT impersonation of Scuttle from the Little Mermaid LOL) message is that she follows it in her personal life, professional life and her Art Ministry, even through persecution. She’s unwavering in Seeking First God. #seekhimnotthem #oxsbrands



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