Bye Winter

This 2016/2017 winter season has been thoroughly entertaining. I think we had a total of 7 unbearably cold days (days below 40 >_<) here in Savannah total…or at least it seems like it. But, you’ll get NO complaints for me. I live for subtropical weather.  Winter is winding down and layers aren’t needed.  I paired this breathable sweater with a leopard print skirt with my new favorite Manolo boots (that I WILL wear year round).  Just the perfect amount of warmth so you can leave your jacket home.  Entire outfit is from thrifted 🙂

Pics taken on the gorgeous Jones Street in Savannah, GA.


Seen on me:

Oversized Sweater, Thrifted $4 | Ralph Lauren Leopard Print Pencil Skirt, Thrifted $5 | Black Clutch, Thrifted $2 | Earrings, Thrifted $1.50 | Manolo Blahnik boots, gifted

(Story behind the skirt–it was probably 4 sizes too big. Thank God for alterations!)

Be Phenomenl!

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