Rustic Spring Vibes

Of course there’s a cold snap after perfect 80 degree sunny days…and it has the nerve to rain.  At least I’m able to hold off on the car wash because of the pollen.  AND thank goodness I didn’t pack all of my sweaters; this is one of my favorites!  I love the fringe detailing, it doesn’t need too many accessories, and paired with my favorite jeans.

I’m going to go back to Age of Adeline now…*sobs*…and swoons over Blake Lively’s style.


Seen on me:

Military Style Field Jacket, $7 Thrifted | Fringe Style Sweater, $4 Thrifted | Jeans, $5 Thrifted | Gianni Bini Boots, Old | Earrings, $2 Thrifted | Clutch/Makeup Bag, $1 Thrifted

Be Phenomenl!

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