Rustic Spring Vibes

Of course there’s a cold snap after perfect 80 degree sunny days…and it has the nerve to rain. Β At least I’m able to hold off on the car wash because of the pollen. Β AND thank goodness I didn’t pack all of my sweaters; this is one of my favorites! Β I love the fringe detailing, it doesn’t need too many accessories, and paired with my favorite jeans.

I’m going to go back to Age of Adeline now…*sobs*…and swoons over Blake Lively’s style.


Seen on me:

Military Style Field Jacket, $7 Thrifted | Fringe Style Sweater, $4 Thrifted | Jeans, $5 Thrifted | Gianni Bini Boots, Old | Earrings, $2 Thrifted | Clutch/Makeup Bag, $1 Thrifted

Be Phenomenl!

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