Simple + In a Hurry

There are days we just can’t function enough to put ourselves together. Hair is a mess. Clothes are piled up in a corner (Not me though). Or, simply running late (Not me though).

Gray is a safe color. Not too much thought and can be paired with almost anything being it’s a neutral color. Or is it a cool tone? Who cares, right?! ¬†Comfortable knit dress, check.

No time to do your hair? Cool. There’s nothing brows, mascara, gloss and a few accessories can’t dress up. Hence, below!


Seen On Me:

Dress, Target, $11.98 HERE (guess it’s clearance where i am) | Vince Camuto Booties, Travel + Thrift, $25 | Earrings, Goodwill $2 | Necklace, Ann Taylor #gift


Be Phenomenl

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