Floral + Leopard….hmmm

Patterns and prints can easily clash and become cluttered, but in order to function, they need a mutual item that’ll mesh them together.  This modern business style is affordable and easy to recreate.

For starters, I got this skirt from Goodwill and it was a size 10!  If you don’t have a reliable and talented alterations person, find one!  So this skirt was huge on me, and I really wanted it a pencil style.  The addition on the oversized scarf doubles as a statement piece and sweater! The item glueing the floral print and the leopard together? The necklace.  Yes! Accessories can pull an entire outfit together! It has some cool tone colors and the same color pallet as the scarf.

For that pop of color…I opted for some earrings with a similar tone matching the necklace instead of black. Additional details below!



Seen On Me:

Express Tank, Goodwill $3.98 | White Floral Skirt, Goodwill $4.98 | Leopard Scarf, old (doubles as head wrap) | BCBG Black Suede Heels, Dillard’s (Clearance) $16 | Necklace + Earrings, Dillard’s (Clearance) $10 | Kate Spade Tote, Gift

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