Nudes for Brown Girls

I’m tired of ashy lips.

There. I said it.

Just as there are many different shades of people, there are many different shades of colors that match those people.  Not until recent years have “major” makeup brands, The Biggies, began to capitalize of the spending power and love of makeup that us brown girls have.  As a child, my mom and influencers wore IMAN and Fashion Fair, Black Owned Brands that catered to black and brown women.


I have full lips, so I can’t wear lipstick that is ashy in complexion on my brown skin.  I’ve found some great affordable options that are considered NUDE/natural on brown and black women.  While I have more, here is an introduction…

GOLDEN RULE: WEAR A LIP LINER (especially with a yellow based product and/or severely light/pale color). Liner’s create a barrier between the lips and the skin in which they don’t bleed together.

IMG_9066 copy

  1. Creme Brûlée, Maybelline (sheer, makes a great toper…Banana Beige by Milani shown below)
  2. Irresistible, Estee Lauder (mauve tone, light dab or as is)
  3. Naturally Chic, Milani (pinky mauve)
  4. Teddy Bare, Milani (a brownie)
  5. Stormy Sahara, Maybelline (sheer and/or light. Toper OR wear alone with a lip liner)
  6. Maple Kiss, Maybelline (deep peachy brown…favorite)
  7. Bare It All, Wet n Wild (cream taupe, matte…must wear a liner)
  8. Forever, Revlon HD (sooo creamy, matte, pinky/brown/mauve)
  9. Clay Crush, Maybelline (matte soft peach brown)
  10. Matte Beauty (matte deep peachy brown)
  11. Stormy Sahara, Maybelline (sheer and glossy pinky brown)
  12. Lovejoy, MAC (matte frothy color…non negotiable WEAR A LINER. I wear on top of others)

Here are some lip swatches!

IMG_9572IMG_9091img_9125.jpgIMG_9624 copyIMG_9079IMG_9076 copyIMG_9672IMG_9107IMG_9618IMG_9603 copy

Nude/natural colors vary greatly for people of color: Black, brown, tan, taupe, caramel, passable, mocha…there’s a nude shade for all of us.  But if you like a shade that you watched in Walgreens…please buy that one sis. You already used it.

Be Phenomenl

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