Solid Work Dress

I’ve seen many women make a simple (and drab) mistake of pulling a dress out the closet without any thought.  No thought means, its too simple…simplistic without thought.

By adding simple accessories and bold shoe choices can add flare to any dress.

Here is where we make a mistake with a solid colored dress and “comfortable” flats.  These are Neutralizer, so of course they’re comfortable.


Here’s a noticeable difference with statement accessories and a bold color choice heel.  A trick is to keep your heels at your desk only swapping when standing, introducing or in a meeting.


Dress: J. Crew, clearance $30

Heels: Via Spiga, thrifted $20 (valued over $120 at Nordstrom)


Simple black dress can look drab, depressing and funeral like QUICK!!! ESPECIALLY WITH FLATS.


Even a simple accessory can break up the darkness and adding a cute heel.


To really spice up your look, add a bold jacket, wrap, shawl, etc.

Dress: Calvin Klein, $18 Belk Clearance

Sweater: H & M, $7 Clearance


Tip: Long necklaces can break up the solidness of a dress if you’re uncomfortable wearing a belt around your waist.

Be Phenomenl

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