Classic White + Black Wide Legs

I have a few favorite designers and brands (that I mostly like looking at in magazines) that are not ready to wear…most definitely not affordable 🙄.  One of those designers is Carolina Herrara.  I loved her style and designs since I was a teenager (what black teenage girl from south Georgia likes Carolina Herrara 👈🏾😂).  If I could describe my personal style and aethestic by designer, it’d be her.  She and her designs are sheer class and exuberant of wealth (it’s munnayyy honey).  She uses florals, silks, colors, womanly silhouettes amongst others.

She’s known for her staple white tops, a-line skirts or staple trousers. When deciding what to wear for my styling class with Celebrity stylist, Tierra Blount, I knew I wanted something simple, classic, chic, comfortable (long day and long drive) and stylish.  I immediately knew I wanted to wear my wide leg trousers and a white top. *Sidebar: I’ve been on a white top kick and found several styles….all from Goodwill over the summer, I’m obsessed. I loved this look because it felt so Carolina.

If I had a camel wool coat, silk scarf and some super expensive brand…let’s say Chanel glasses…this could’ve easily gone Miranda Priestly and I would not have been mad! 🙂

Sometimes for events…simplicity is best.  I may make this my uniform.  For a pop of color, I opted for the classic red, white and black look.  You could definitely apply a red lip with this and be all the talk (I didn’t want to keep reapplying all day). The good thing about simple looks…simple accessories.  This is perfect for your work, event, brunch, church…anywhere!!!


Seen on Me:

Linen top, Thrifted $4 | Wide leg + High waisted trousers, Limited (RIP) $89 (so worth it) | Ralph Lauren belt, Thrifted $2 | Earrings, OLD (Dillards probably) | Heels, Dillards $15-20 | Kate Spade, Birthday Gift

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