The Best Affordable Foundation + Makeup Products

I may have found the best products for a flawless makeup look…that’s completely affordable. From light everyday makeup to photoshoot ready, these products are a guarantee to be flawless and perfect for oily skin. I would know! Everything is under $15 and can be found at a drugstore, Walmart, Target or Ulta!


I have super combination skin. Let me explain…i’m SUPER oily, yet I always feel super dry. I must wear a matter foundation and concealer. Not debatable.  Everything i’ve purchased (and loved below) is probably best for oily skin….the winners are:

Foundation|NYX Total Control Drops, $12.99 + ELF Flawless Finish Foundation, $6

ehhh….I can’t pick a winner. I love them both. They both keep me matte ALL day… The ELF shades are plentiful, but I either where them separately, mixed or mixed one with my Estee Lauder Double Wear. But for the coverage and advancement of the formulas…you can’t beat the prices.  I really want to try the new LA Colors and Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation next.

Concealer | NYX Makeup HD Concealer $4.99, Wet-N-Wild Photo Focus $3.99, Maybelline FIT Me Concealer $5.99, Maybelline Master Concealer $6.99, LA Girl HD Concealer $2.99

I’d put all of these in the same category.  I’ve repurchased all of these several times and switch between them all on any day.  I’ve replaced setting my makeup with Laura Mercier with the powder below.


Blush | Black Radiance Artisan Blush, Toasted Almond $4.99

This is the perfect color for fall– deep and rich…and highly pigmented. Use lightly. You were warned. (below)

IMG_4473.JPGHighlight| Milani Color Harmony Blush $12.99 (above), Strobelight Highlight $12.99 (above), Milani Strobelight Instant Glow $13 (below)img_4464.jpg

I’ve put down the Becca, Estee and Anastasia glow for these….they are amazing.


How can you deny the flawlessness?  These are no filtered or altered pics I took. (Keep in mind that good skin care is the key to a good base and flawless skin)

Lipsticks | All the affordable fall lips you need are here!

Powder | Maybelline Fit Me loose powder $5.99

Okay….this is the KEY to success. If i’m shooting pics or feeling extra fancy, I set my face with this after my primer AND before my foundation.  A tip a got from Jackie Aina, IT WORKS!!!! And then, I use it to set my under eyes and my face. This is what keeps me matte. Best believe.


Face Spray | Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, $5

I literally keep a bottle in my purse because I feel so dry even though i’m leaking oil like a 1967 Chevy Chevelle.

In addition to these products, I use the NYX brow pencil;, Maybelline mascara and the NYX matte face spray. I promise you… if you set your face before and after with the powder, you’ll stay matte and not look chalky…if you can’t tell.


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