Winter Styling, Dr. Melissa Gratias

I have so much fun pulling women out of their comfort zone.  I’m kind of quirky and my personal style ranges from bold business to festival chic.  It’s a hard balance not influencing my personal style onto someone else’s, but rather, introducing new thoughts and views of oneself. Melissa is a working mom who’s lifestyle fluctuates from daily conference calls, conferences, swim meets and date nights.  We got her started with a functional and transitional summer and early fall wardrobe, but now it was time for winter fashion…which in Savannah could linger into a forever fall.  I introduced her to more colors and patterns and we even tapped into her Grandmother’s spirit and love for fashion with this phenomenal holiday look.

Melissa wanted to be comfortable and stylish for an evening with her family for a Christmas parade and viewing of The Nutcracker.


Check out a few of her new outfits:

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