Holiday Makeup: Glitter Eyes + Red Lips

Most women love a red lip on special occasions, but the holidays should be treated as 25 days of red lips.  There’s a red for everyone! I’ve got a couple of favorite reds….I might have to share them.  Anyways, anyway… bold lips can be worn with bold or natural eyes, but for the holidays, a touch of Glitter is absolutely necessary.

Simply just do a base eyeshadow application and top it off with some glitter.  Check out some of my favorites products for this look perfect for any holiday gathering or grocery shopping.

A Pressed Shadow (not full glitter, but definite shimmer). My favorite affordable brand that’s intensely pigmented has to be Morphe 35R Palette. It’s the perfect special event palette! Definitely worth the $23 (use someone’s discount code, EDGES or JACATTACK should work.)

Liquid Glitter. I used Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art with this look.  It’s a liquid base and has liquid glitter. You can find it at any drugstore.




Lipsssss…. you know I love a bold lip, so I might have to do a favorites red lip post.

But here, I love the lightweight feel and matte look, yet moisturizing feel *insert new adjective* of this Estee Lauder Pure Color in Drop Dead Red for $32. I knoooow, but let me help you. Catch them when Estee is in pre-sale or gift.  You spend $50 and get a ton of great products.

To hold you over, here is my absolute favorite red for less than $10. Creeper.cscs

Use whatever you have and substitute.  You can always double…triple use your highlighters as a sparkling eyeshadow or body glow. Or it can eat the floor.


Let’s avoid that one.  Happy Holidays!




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