Perfect Valentines Day Makeup with 5 Lip Color Options

Valentines Day is upon us…glam up for the night…or any occasion with this look.

Soft, flirty and feminine looks can be easily achieved and without using products that cost a fortune.

This is one of my favorites…if not my go to eyeshadow look when I’m wearing color (vs. nudes or none). I love rosey and mauve tones because they’re so versatile and add just enough warmth and pop of color to my skin. I’m proving to you just how versatile this makeup look is by pairing it with multiple lip shades.

This is the perfect look with a soft muted lip for understated ladies or a bold hot pink or red for my vivacious mamas!

Which is your favorite?


For the eyes, I used the Jaclyn Hill Morphe pallet and Carli Bybel BH cosmetics pallet. It’s convenient they’re both in ULTA. I honestly would suggest you get both if you don’t have them. Jaclyn’s pallet is versatile any eyeshadow look, whereas Carlis is perfect for soft and/or everyday looks PLUS has a ton of highlights.


Left to Right (all under $10 except Estée Lauder):

Revlon Intensity, Estée Lauder Envy, Revlon Romance, NYX Amsterdam, NYX Addis Ababa, Revlon Obsession, Milani Hot Pink Rage, Revlon Kisses, Revlon Forever

The Revlon HD matte formula is my favorite drugstore liquid lipstick. It’s so comfortable and long lasting and Forever is worn on most days.


Revlon INTENSITY and ROMANCE mixed







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