Spring Essential: Satin Romper

Girl! Almost 90 degrees today… aka SWELTERING in a coastal town. Sweltering heat doesn’t mean to stay inside all day, it means get out the house, get bronzed, show some legs, hit the beach, get some ice cream and pump some summer jamz. I plan on doing all of this, especially showing off some leg after a brutal winter.

Rompers are always a hit, but sometimes women don’t have a romper that’s cut for their height or body shape. Plainly, they’re almost always too short…you see it 👀👀. Anything that’s really short like rompers or booty shorts should be comfortable and breathable AND COVER YOUR CHEEKS.

I live for this Bali printed satin romper. It’s light, breathable and comfortable. Plus, it has a cool kimono sleeve detail, but I love the print and colors.

Keep the booties covered ladies. Reserve the cheeks for the beach 💋.


Seen on Me:

Bali Satin Romper HERE | Bag, Aldo

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