She Hustles: Gathering of Powerful Women


Last week I had the honor of being a panelist at She. Hustles. It’s an empowering event bringing together business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, business-woman (and even a few men). Coco Papy, who I met a few years ago at a local leadership class is the Community Director at the Creative Coast, and is doing a phenomenal job ☺️ asked ME to participate. Geeked, understatement.IMG_1823

The event was held in two parts- an intentional network session and the panel discussion with local entrepreneurs.

Panel: Jennifer Abshire, Abshire PR ,Darby Caroline Cox, Smoke Cartel , Phe Banks, Heaven on Earth Apparel, Charisse Shontai (me), Charisse Styles, Tatiana Cabral Smith, Tatiana Cabral Smith Jewelry

Intentional Networking: Zelonia Williams, Celebrations Unlimited Events ,Tierra Benton, Create Your Zen, Jillian Stafford, Stafford Media Marketing , Kate Strain, Belier PC Schnelle Johnson, J Entrepreneur Rise 


There was such much love, laughter and realness in the room.  Stories of growth, struggle and triumph. Obviously, my horsily laughing LOL. I’m convinced, everyone now knows…I’m a special kind of batty.


I had a few favorite moments, but freely telling my story and sharing my struggle and overcoming a fear of public speaking was …freeing. It was on my vision board to speak, and I can say mission started, especially when people can relate and emphathesize with your story + not judge you.


I met some new friends and shared with some solid friends.  I did so good not crying until I saw millennial powerhouse, Shaunii. We shared an amazing empowering conversation last year that was very encouraging. Fast forward 6 months later to actually see those things happening. There was more than one full circle moment for me, but I want to encourage you to follow your wildest thoughts and face the facade of fears. Be the friend or mentor that pushes someone into their destiny. Surround yourself with believers, a community of empowering individuals and ONLY with positive people. Let these people water you and repeat by spreading your seeds everywhere! Until the next one!!!


Pics by: Dwashawn Scott

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