Friends. Food. Drinks.

It’s summer in Savannah! I don’t get out often…by that I mean fun, food, drinks and laughs with friends.  Most of my friends don’t live in the same city as me, and those that are…we aren’t purposeful with scheduling dates with each other. Word on the town was there was a new rooftop bar #PeregrinSavannah and I’ve gotta say, i’m glad to have such a beautiful and lively spot with some of the best views of Downtown Savannah. 

It’s view it’s matched in service and fun. I have to mention, i’m not a heavy or frequent drinker…I socially drink. Every bartender created the beverages as it if was winning an award. My friend Vishanya is a Bourbon and Scotch drink…Old Hollywood would approve of the Old Fashion that was made.

We played cornhole…which I absolutely suck at, but I can make look good. Plus, we made a few new friends…it’s always easy to meet nice people of drinks and games…and SUN!


I would say the day ended here, but we went downstairs to The Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market. A beautifully curated space with one of a kind art, spacious eating area,  the best service staff and the food. The food. You can watch the chefs cooked over the open flame or turn around and randomly chat with other guests.  While EVERYTHING we ordered was simply divine…it was the simplicity of the world’s creamiest mashed potatoes and the breakdown of all the ingredients in my banana pudding that took me over the edge. Sweet, textured and at different stages, you can taste the different ingredients.

Now, we can head over to #TheWaywardSavannah…a way back type of bar with an arcade, popcorn machine, side rooms with oversized seating and the type of bartender, Jason, that can memorize you with the way he shakes and stirs your drink with love. I’m not kidding. He and all the other guys are passionate about what they do and it’s refreshing to see and experience. Plus the conversation is great…and guess what. More friends. If you’re in or passing through Savannah, check out these spots located at the Perry Lane Hotel. You. Will NOT. Regret It.




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