ICYMI: Goodwill Event

ICYMI: Goodwill Event

In case you missed it, I did a few events with Goodwill Southeast Georgia this summer assisting customers on shopping and searching the racks effectively in the stores.

Goodwill receives tons (literally) of items to fill their stores, so it can be a little overwhelming. Some people have a problem with second hand, but you’d actually be surprised at new and unused items you can find. Or items that just need a little stitch and washing of its a great find.

Most of my wardrobe consists of rotating consigned and thrifted pieces I’ve found at Goodwill. You just need a little patience… and a plan to tackle the racks. Goodwill is also good if you’re on a budget for clothing or need new items due to a life change or circumstance.

By donating or shopping at Goodwill, you’re helping with their mission and your community!


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