Jazz’d Jumpsuit

It brings me great grief to tell you that Summer…is officially coming to an end. While we still have sunny days, we must welcome our change of wardrobe from bright tangerine, peach (even those fruits are limited) and seafood green to emerald, mahogany and sapphire.I guess beautiful color and jewel toned names lighten the mood a bit.  Actually, rich, jewel toned colors are my favorite!

I love (as you know on social) a good jumpsuit. Sometimes they can a a little tricky to jazz up depending on cut and style.  I’ve got some simple tips for you to jazz up a great fall jumpsuit.

Before: “meh”. No accessories, no pops or texture.



Accessories can automatically break up a solid color/print, compliments any look, adds style and depending on metal/material/weight can add a expensive detail to your look. Try golds and silver to add a polished style. If your accessories aren’t chunky, layering definitely adds a modern style, sometimes a minimalist look like layering Tatiana necklaces (not seen here), but you can add a necklace, ring and bracelet for a soft and chic look without going over board.


For fall, definitely add a dark bag like this one. From target.sbs-9sbs-15

Adding a belt to a one piece or dress or tunic can break up a lot of color…and also accentuates your shape. Especially cinching your belt right above your waist…adds an hour glass shape.sbs-10sbs-14

Belt, bag and necklace found at Target September 2018.

Jumpsuit, old, from Dillards on clearance for $18.

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