Science + Faith

Faith, grit, persistence, perseverance, faith, science, belief, trust and probably a little dash of more faith. Sometimes I can misconstrue what faith actually is to me, but to keep me hopeful and believing, I like to think of a couple questions: Is it too big for God? Is this going to stop God from being God? Will this prove the power of God. In answering those questions in my head at every failure and success, it has increased my faith. In increasing my faith it has increased my trust that, “Hey, God can do this.” If some has not worked out in my favor, i’ve literally had to change my thoughts and perspective on whatever that thing is – It’s not for me. It’s not time. I’m being protected/hidden/curated/cultivated.


This has been my consistent thought and prayer life for the last year, plus. No, I haven’t gotten it right everyday, but consistently, it has proven to work and propel me. I’ve had a few hiccups, lots of doubt throughout and plenty of times when I was just tired or completely wanted to give up.  Over the years, I’ve picked up some pretty powerful tools to help whip my mind in shape.  I’m a believer, but I also believe in the power of neuroscience. People do not like to tie science and faith together, but they actually work together. I mean, if you choose to belief that, and I personally subscribe to that. One of my favorite songs is Science and Faith by The Script. It’s a love song but… I mean it’s a love song LOL. God is love right?

“You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope, you won’t find heart and soul in the stars. You can break everything down to chemicals, but you can’t explain a love like ours.”

I think it’s pretty powerful, because it’s true! You can explain cellular structure and brain synapses and how positive affirmations CAN re-wire your brain. Neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf heavily focuses on the Power of the Brain and how through practice you can train your brain to think a cert

ain way, even through trauma and life experiences.  I read Switch on Your Brain and followed her Brain Detox plans a few years ago, actually at the advice of my Pastor who was working one on one with me.  Ever since, it’s set the foundation of controlling my mind. I would also just read and listen to anything that uplifted my spirits.

Science + Faith

I’m not here to debate neuroscience, but just think about how  controlling toxic thoughts about yourself (or others) can change you as a person (or your perspective). Reading positive affirmations? The Bible? Do those things ma


ke you feel bad or do they lift your spirits? If it’s the later, a lifted spirit is going to be motivated to do some work! I was a chronic toxic thinker and I have personal issues and battle with self deprecation and doubt, so i’m constantly fighting in my head.  I have to choose to focus on what I can control and oftentimes, it takes a good slapping up by family, friends and mentors to help put things in perspective.

I’m tying it together…

Last year, I was unemployed (for a second time in my twenties). I learned how hustling meant you really need to align with what God’s plan is for you. Being unemployed planted a seed for a new tree in my garden. It was not my desire to go back to work until I ran out of money and I needed a steady paycheck.  During the time of not having a consistent check, I was able to focus that time of figuring out my purpose which was nothing more than something I throughly enjoyed and yes, did freely. For years. Without ever thinking of it as a career. Primarily because I went to school for Logistics and Logistics and Fashion are polar opposites and people criticize creators and artists as not being a “real job”. I knew my purpose was in Styling, but I didn’t have a clue or training on how I was going to make it work.

With my administrative background, I started curating a plan. I re-designed my website, created some services and pricing, did a brand shoot and got some marketing done. At every turn, I was running out of money because I had no consistent check OR CLIENTS! To make money, I was working at my church, helping small business owners with their office admin and building websites, baking cakes…anything I needed to do. Well not anything; I wasn’t pimping or nothing. I kept sowing into myself with style classes and marketing training. I traveled near and far by plane and a car in repossession. Yes, it was real. I just kept my car in….

So imagine how being unemployed, constantly broke and avoiding Nissan can belittle and crush your thoughts about the plan you are believing God for. How about getting a job and not having time to get your plan to unfold? I’ve been tired. Traded unemployment for 70 hour work weeks (got TWO jobs) and working after into the middle of…early in the morning to build. It was a battle because I was not seeing anything come to pass BUT those practices of changing my thoughts – “Girl, you got this. You is smart, kind and favored…it’s going to work out. Plans of the Lord takes time…”etc. So, with realigning my thoughts on myself (AND BELIEVING THEM) and a plan, a roof provided by parents and a wild and insatiable belief in myself, I wasn’t allowing “NO” or any dollar stop me. I would shoot 100 shots and would only make ONE, but that ONE kept me going. I was emailing brands like Goodwill for months and tagging them on everything before I got the opportunity to work with them. I invested so much into myself, (flew to Dallas to have a class with celebrity Stylist J. Bolin) whole checks to get my name and brand out there just for a simple call or email, “hey, I want to work with you.”And if you’re crazy enough to email an editor at the magazine, DO IT. They just might call you back with an insane opportunity.


I’m just crazy enough to think they whatever I touch is gold. That’s not to be confused with pride or arrogance; it’s just that I started thinking I can do all these things. I was forced to surrender a failed plan for an aligned plan – which is automatically going to be a successful plan. If I can leave you with one thing, you’re always going to have to put in the work because you’re going to have to maintain where you are. When it’s been proven that you can handle what’s next, you will be promoted. 

Joshua had to work at Jericho, but it was based on a plan. Instructions. and Faith. Get crazy with your thoughts, defeat toxic thoughts DAAAIILLYYY (hourly, they’re not going anywhere because circumstances oppose everything), DO that thing and ALIGN it with the Word, put your faith to the test.

I think that’s it for now except if you haven’t seen my feature spread in Savannah Magazine (here you go!)

Go with God. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Science + Faith

  1. Ayrica Hopkins says:

    😍😘😁 LOVE The topics discussed I recently attended a meet and greet with Astronomer Hugh Ross who started a organization called Reasons to believe and the science he presented to support their being a creator God was astounding. He presented many statements by atheist who admitted their is “a higher agent” who calculated everything so the world and cosmos could exist. is the site to find books and other cool research on Science +Faith☺️


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