Shimmering in Fall

Best part about Fall…we can layer clothing. That’s just what I have to settle for in Savannah. We don’t have mustard gold or ruby red leaves like Nashville.  One day it’s 50, the next, it could be 80; seriously.  Layers are going to be your best option for staying warm or cool in this Coastal Southern city.

Here are some layering staples, but remember you can also add more by adding accessories (or add more by doing less or add more by adding more– accessories and layers).  You can also add a trendy option when you layer without “doing too much”.  Like this silver metallic pleated skirt.  Definitely a Fall staple this year… metallics.

Layering Staples:

  1. Scarf (preferably oversized)
  2. Blazer or Coat
  3. Cardigan + Sweater or Blouse


Metallic Skirt, $32.95

All other items were from my closet…and probably hella old. Like my blouse.  It has purple nail polish on it, but you can’t see it…because I layered over it *tapping head meme*.

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