The Cool Aunt

I was raised by Generation Y-er’s who were raised by Traditionalists and Baby Boomers. So, naturally, the millennial cusp in me clashes a lot with those values and fashion choices.  Do I want to be modest or sexy? Sporty or chic? I just found that my happy medium but actually just that…the median. Middle of the road. Classic, chic and bold.

My style is eclectic, yet polished. I want to be youthful, yet mature in my choices. I want my nieces to think their aunt is cool. This is where shopping at several stores to achieve my style comes to play. #ClubMonaco is sophisticated, classic and polished, while Target is universal and millennial. A great piece you can find a both? A leather jacket! A leather jacket can Fonz up a look…aaayyyyeeee. You can never go wrong with one, plus you need it in your closet. Don’t worry, there are vegan options as well.

I love this polished, yet clean look. I feel youthful, cool and very Rihanna-esque (in the sense of don’t mess with me). Plus, I wear this scarf with everything these days.

What I’m Wearing:

Leather Jacket HERE SIMILAR HERE  | Harlenn Silk Top | Culottes | Scarf, $16.99  | Earrings, Handmade Locally

Photos: Destiny’s Creation  Shot at Alida Hotel

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