Fuzzy Sweater

Another crazy weather day here in Savannah for fashion! It was 37 degrees two days ago…it’s 68 today. This is the importance of layers!  I love light breathable layers; they’re easy to stack on top of each other and they won’t get too hot. 

Burgundy and wine colors are great for Fall and the Holidays this year.  I love this fuzzy, soft (oh so soft) breathable sweater.  It’s not too tightly woven that air can’t pass through it, but I paired it with a wine colored blouse to add the fun layer and collared look.  Plus, there was no need for long pants today, so these slim lined crops are perfect. And oh my goodness….they are soooooo comfortable.

What I’m Wearing:

Fuzzy Sweater (SIMILAR SOLID HERE) | Feleesha Crop  (EXPRESS SAME HERE) | Under Silk Blouse (SIMILAR HERE) | Boots and Earrings, OLD)

Photos: Destiny’s Creation  Shot at Alida Hotel

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