Black Holiday Style

Holidays are upon us and so are Holiday parties and shindigs. It’s a good time to gather with co-workers and get to know each other a little bit more intimately, outside of offices walls. Hopefully over dinner and very few drinks.

End of the year cocktail parties, formals and galas are upon us, too. It’s definitely a no brainer that almost everyone will be in some shade of red, green, gold, silver or even blue. All great choices, especially if it’s sequined….and all better than ugly Christmas sweaters.

But, what if you showed up to your Holiday party in a chic black pantsuit or jumper? While Black is a neutral color, definitely not a go to for holidays, but it’s easy and quick and you probably are too busy Holiday shopping for items that are (1) probably sold out or (2) run the risk of someone else is wearing…THE WORSE.

It’s sooo easy to accessorize Black, too. Keep it cheery wearing holiday colors or classic Gold or silver accessories. Like these chandelier earrings and necklaces. PERFECT for elongating my neck and décolletage (say it slow and snooty).

I like the simplicity of this look. No one else is going to wear it, plus it’s functional! I can dance, sing and have an all around good time in this loose and comfortable option.

I popped my hair in a bun for low maintenance…and a few loose pieces to frame my face. A nice color block bag and heels round this look off (from Goodwill). Best part, it’s not limited for the Holidays 😉. Perfect for date night or any cocktail party.

Here are a few Black Jumpsuit options:


And here.

And here.

Here too.

Happy Holidays!!!

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