Winter is Coming

The chill in the air has been icy. Bone chilling if you’re in the South…and on the Coast.  I imagine Antartica must be as cold as Savannah.  It’s not just cold…it’s wet. It seeps through three layers of skin and sticks to your bones.  I am not being dramatic… I am explaining to you how a Southern woman (born and raised in the South) feels about winter. We actually love thick coats, even if we’re only wearing them for a month. 

Winter is coming Friday and the Jemma Coat has made life so easy for me. I feel like i’m at home next to a warm fire when I have it on.  If it’s this warm for Georgia weather, I assume it’d be just as good and stylish anywhere else, but especially for a good Holiday Concert event…outdoors.

Even in the Winter, we have great entertainment options here in Savannah. Lots of cocktail events and orchestra performances, or showings of the Nutcracker at the Lucas Theater. A nice feminine, floral dress is great for any occasion. I love the neutrality of this black and grey floral dress.  It’s perfect for so many occasions and can be adorned with any color lip or pump or a bold colored coat option.  If you’re feeling frisky, some great leather combat boots and moto jacket could add so much edge.

I went a formal, elegant route and added some statement Silver and natural stone pieces from my friend, Kristen Baird. She make EXQUISITE luxury jewelry that no one else can design. What route are you going?  Stay warm this season!

What i’m Wearing:

Jemma Coat (Similar HERE) | Linettah Dress 30% OFF | Kristen Baird Jewelry 

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