NYE Style + 3 Ways to Stay Motivation

I can’t believe this year is over! Time…FLEW…It’s time time was the eagle and I was the prey and the swoop. It’s gone. Probably a poor analogy, but I definitely been on the move trying to keep up with time and everything that’s happened this year. It’s been so busy and such a blessed year. I’m always asked about two things consistently: style and motivation. I’m very open about both, but I want to share a few tips on how I stay motivated on this entrepreneurial journey.

I’m a big believer in self care. Not to be selfish, but one thing I learned over the last two years was the importance of taking care of my mental and emotional space. I don’t really compartmentalize well, so if i’m upset…i’m Drake upset. I work so much (up until October this year a full time job and now two part time jobs and hustling in between) that I can neglect myself and others, but when I don’t acknowledge my challenges or deal with my failures and rejection, it can become an avalanche in my mind. The biggest thing i’ve done is improve my communication.

It seems so simple, but it’s really hard for some people. Counseling helps. Talking to stronger and like-minded people that are available. Sometimes, I simply just communicate with myself by writing. Whether is praying, meditating or having a therapeutic laugh, I unload the negativity off me so it doesn’t get heavy and suffocate me.

Being a doubter, communication to myself isn’t always so easy, but I kept myself motivated by indulging in only positive outlets. Podcasts, YouTube videos, IG Lives, sermons or long text threads with friends. I primarily listened to various business owners with similar beliefs. They have have channels, podcasts or do weekly messages for their followers. Here are my top 3:

  1. Mattie James (she does podcasts and IG lives very often. She focuses on building your brand, influence and real life stuff in between)
  2. Sarah Jakes Robert. (The GOAT. I watch and support everything she does. She’s a business owner, pastor, mom, wife, and she’s lit. Her husband is too. I’ve been supporters of their ministry for several years now)
  3. My family, friends and circle. These folks inspire me daily. When I feel frustrated, I know that they’ve posted something I can read or listen too that’ll empower me: @kristenthinx┬áand @tearataylor. So many others, but we are on similar trajectories. I know you have a tribe too. Lean on them.

Another obstacle I had to get over this year (and will forever) is self doubt and deprecation. I got over every singular instance of doubt but just doing it afraid. If I was going to get a NO, I was going to get a NO from the person, not myself. I typed the email and pressed enter. I walked into the luncheon and held out my hand. I asked for partnerships knowing I had great talent and information to offer. Partnerships, contracts and opportunities don’t have with closed mouths.

I got BOLD with my asks. I got BOLD with my style. I got BOLD with myself. That’s when things stared shifting. The boldness you saw in my style, but made it’s way inside. Mixing patterns and prints. Bold colors with bold lips. I took it there. I really gained a new style this year.

What I’m Wearing:


Photos: Destiny’s Creation

One thought on “NYE Style + 3 Ways to Stay Motivation

  1. Ayrica says:

    ­čĺ× one of my favorite post by far. Love the BOLDNESS. I appreciate the transparency in this blog and the Poppin colors in your threads.

    To the New You!!


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