Glitzy New Year Style + Big Moments

365 days later, we’re closing the chapter of 2018, although it only seemed like it was only 78 days we had in the year, I made the most of it. So many highlights from this year. I’m going to share a few highlights now and this epic look for the New Years.

Took some time and sacrifice, but I started to get a lot more consistent on my site in creating content! I created some really great looks, but i’m upping the Style in 2019. Lots of fashion posts, a few events including meeting Celebrity Stylist Jason Bolin (know for styling Michelle Williams, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Tyra Banks, Morris Chestnut and so many more. I also had lots of firsts this year! I met my first ‘celebrity’ Will Smith in Savannah! I did my first panel event, as a panelist – She Hustles (which are facts) and had my first event that led to a great partnership with Goodwill Southeast Georgia as a Style and Thrift Expert.

Some huge events that were business and personal accomplishments were set off in 2018 too! I styled my first big commercial shoot for Coca Cola #shareacoke Campaign with Cinemark Cinemas. 15+ models: 1 Stylist + 20 looks was one for the books. To round it off, one of my biggest achievements: a seven page spread in Savannah Magazine as Savannah’s Hottest Stylist.

This year has taught me to believe bigger, believe insanely, believe beyond yourself, believe in yourself, work hard, network, have fun and most importantly: be yourself. Your quirks, the way your (my) lip twitches when I smile, a big Mr. Ed laugh and authentic spirit is what captures people and clients and allow you to make an impact. Cheers to multiplication in 2019!!! We takin’ over – Khaled Style.

This great stylish look is super affordable. Lots of sale items and thrifted items combined. Perfect for NYE, Birthday, Girl’s Night Out or Party Crashing!

What i’m wearing:

Removable Faux Fur Leather Jacket ON SALE (Almost Exact Replica HERE SALE) | Rainbow Sequin Skirt ON SALE| Polka Dot Top, $10 Macys SIMILAR and CUTER OPTION HERE FOR $24| ALL ACCESSORIES, THRIFTED


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