3 Ways to Style a Capsule Wardrobe

3 Ways to Style a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are becoming quite popular with minimalists, I myself being an extremist, but as a professional, i’m going to help you style a limited wardrobe with some quick tips and options.

So, what’s a capsule wardrobe? Essentially, it’s essentials and for practical living and shopping. For the minimalist or someone on a budget this is a great option. We did some shopping for some winter style essentials that could easily be worn to work, play or any relaxed occasion.

  1. Black Sweater
  2. White Blouse
  3. Trousers (Gray and Plaid Print)
  4. Winter Coat
  5. Cute Skirt
  6. Light/Neutral Sweater
  7. One color metal jewelry

The goal with the options above is to elevate a basic capsule wardrobe with graphic tees and jeans or cropped pants and a blazer. The pieces are simple, classy and classic. Here’s a few more tips.

Benefits, How To’s and What To Do’s

  • Just think about small tweaks and interchangeability for both casual and professional looks. Mix a casual element (graphic tee) with a chic element that can be professional, too, and you have a comfortable trendy look with some sneakers or flats.
  • Mix all solid tops with available bottoms (and vice versa…solid bottoms with printed tops) to get the quantity of outfits up.
  • Cropped pants are great for flats and heels. Make sure you get some with a bit of stretch and don’t be afraid to mix up shoe styles.
  • Use accessories to jazz up you individual looks and add a different element with each look.
  • A few fun elements such as a hat (beret or fedora) is a simple feature that adds some flair.
  • Have a pop of color. Rather a bright solid option (like the blue coat below or maybe a great red pant (can be multi seasonal and always looks great with solid white, black or grey), color adds a fresh airiness and fearlessness to your look.

Have you guys tried the capsule wardrobe trend? Let me know!

Model is wearing:

Metallic Skirt (Similar under $30 here) | Periwinkle Blue Coat (Similar $60 Coat here) |All Accessories by Kristen Baird

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