3 Elements for a Chic Casual Look

Sick Days…obviously the worst, yet, here we are.

And on top of sick days, when you don’t have a sick day card to pull and actually have to get up and work. I’ve got 3 elements to spruce up an uber casual jeans and white button down. You know, lazy day attire with effort.

First, we need an element of fun…pizzazz…something like texture. Vests are a chic element that’ll add warmth in cold winter months, but also an unusual piece that seems like you put more effort into your outfit than you did. Why? Because everyone’s first, second or third choice isn’t going to be a vest. Edgy huh?

I think you may have guessed one thing…a pop of color. Rather it be a bright lip or just a fun red bag, adding a pop of color adds a bright and standout piece to your look. Red and purples are always good choices.

Last up, fun flats! Ummmm, we’re sick…who’s wearing heels??? Not I. I love these thrifted flats I found a while ago. They’re a fun velvet with a cute X O on the tops. You can also try an animal print like these $20 flats from Target. I have these too…and I unashamedly wear them with almost everything.

If you have time, add some clips to your hair and cute earrings too. Takes the attention away from puffy eyes. Trust me, I know.

What I’m Wearing:

Button Down, Banana Republic (less than $20 here)| High Waist Jeans, J.Crew (Old Navy here) | Blue Vest, Macy’s HERE

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