The Best Casual Outfit

Have you checked out three ways to spice up your casual outfit? Well, i’ve got a few updates and it’s great for a high class brunch, business meeting or a casual dog stroll. Bougie, of course.

The great thing about a great white button down and some quality jeans is the versatility. Investing a a few good options and taking care of them will definitely carry you for several seasons, but good quality jeans will look great with flats, heels or booties. Plus, you can dress up your favorite jeans easily like I did.

Dressing Up Your Favorite Jeans:

  1. Pearls – Always, ALWAYS in style. Truly classic, timeless and sophisticated. Hence, it will add to your casual, everyday outfit.
  2. Chic Overcoat – Everyone doesn’t want to wear a suit or a coat they wear everyday. A great conversation piece is a cool jacket. Rather leather or a floral overcoat. The jacket adds a fun element to the look, especially depending on the cut and length. A leather moto is fun and hip, while an overcoat or lightweight trench is very Lisa Vanderpump.
  3. Neutral Bag – I love a pop of color, but for everyday and more casual looks, lunch meetings or at the office, a neutral bag is best. Black bags go well with everything, but with other black accessories, switch up your bag for a camel or taupe color like this.

This look is so easy, chic and simple yet gives me sophisticated vibes. You can wear your favorite jeans and white button down with flats or swap for wedge booties like I did. If you try it, be sure to tag #charissestyles so I can see!

What I’m Wearing:

Mostly Here | Calvin Klein Floral Overcoat Here | Pearls, Gift | Belt and Shoes, Thrifted

By the way, if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, think about adopting a rescue. They are so full of love and cute and fluffy. Just like these two I dognapped from a walker in the park. All dogs were returned safely 🙂

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