How To: Survive Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time of year, Hallmark’s annual holiday, Valentine’s Day is upon us. It seems to be dreaded by some singles or causes anxiety for those waiting for a mate… or a ring. I’ve received nothing on most of those days, especially in recent years, but I always could count on my mom for a cute gift. Let’s be honest, as a human, it’s hard to watch some people squeal in excitement… or just gloat, when things aren’t that great for you personally. However, I think I have some great tips for you…

What I’m Wearing:

White Striped Blazer, Belk | Black Striped Pants, Belk | Red Portofino Blouse, Express

  1. Treat Yo’self

Obvious? No. As a self deprecating person, it’s sometimes hard to be easy on myself or even allow myself to relax. It hasn’t been easy, especially as a growing entrepreneur, but i’ve found simple ways to appreciate myself and hard work. I occasionally take myself to a swanky restaurant for lunch or dinner, sometimes that means i’m dressed up. I love on myself by encouraging myself, even complimenting myself… especially applying makeup (actually, they’re more like full blown conversations).

I also take the time needed to be by myself. I actually prefer the silence and reflections. That actually makes it easier to cope with life… reflecting on my positives, wins and if not, how can I be better. Then, I treat myself to ice cream.

2. Put Other’s First

Believe it or not (and there’s a reason this is number TWO), in order to adequately and authentically love and give others genuine love, you have to feel that for yourself or else, it’s incomplete and also… probably comes with conditions.

When we have a mentality or lifestyle of service, it does both parties good – Helping/acknowledging/edifying/uplifting others all while receiving an inward gratification. A hug, small gift, kind words, compliments or act of kindness/need/service can empower someone tremendously.

3. Choose Love

Love is ____________. To me, love is happiness, peace, kindness, serenity, joy, fun, sacrifice and ultimately an act. An act that must be chosen or it can easily be ignored. Love and peace with self in combination with love and grace for others is medically proven to prolong and improve health. Physical and mental.

To best sum up how i’ve been feeling about this, I leave the great lyrics of (Beyonce and Jay-Z) The Carters – Black Effect from the aptly named album, Everything is Love:

Can you tell us about love?
Hmm, well there’s love of children
Love of self
Love of God
Love of a partner
And all of them have a different shape
But all of them is the same in the end
It’s about sensitivity, it’s about passion
It’s about unconditional giving of self to another person
And there’s love of humanity
That’s the love that is right now needed most
Love of humanity
But in everything, in all of that love, there is a soul
It’s like when you take some eggs and break them
And you, and you take the shells and mix them up
Trying to find the ones that match
When you find the perfect match
That compatibility results in passion
Results in unconditional giving of self

Surely, you’ll make it through Valentine’s Day and any day… with love.

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