Savannah Staycation: Alida Hotel

Nestled on the ever growing and expanding Savannah River District is a hotel with a flare and style unlike the others. Named after a woman with Savannah footprints and entrepreneurship, The Alida Hotel is definitely a hideaway with refined, classic features and the most inviting staff.

I started my stay by checking in and making myself comfortable. The room was open and very inviting with Savannah accents everywhere. From artwork and design to locally made treats in the rooms, the feel of Southern hospitality was evident.

For my evening, I hoped up to #thelostsquare under some great warmers and great company from the bartenders, who are so polite at dealing with my pickiness and getting just the right amount of sweetness in my drink. The Lost Square is where you can have a swanky, backyard cookout, but on the rooftop. Definitely a great space for parties and close friends to gather for intimate moments.

Let’s not forget this panoramic view!!!

If you want to skip drinks, you can head down to the diner style restaurant, The Rhett. Equally inviting without a complicated menu, The Rhett was great for breakfast and dinner. You can choose from burgers to palatable cauliflower, but I also had some mussels #seafoodlover and too many, but the best fries. I just personally feel like I can trust a place with freshly cut potatoes and perfect sea salted fries. Yes, it’s a love affair.

I ended my night winding down and snuggled in down pillows. Better than a good night’s rest is eating again the next morning fluffy, pecan crusted french toast. Magnifique.

If you’re in the Savannah area, local or tourist, unwind and relax at the Alida. Thank you for my time there. It was truly a great experience.

Photos: Destiny’s Creation

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