Formal and Fun Valentine’s Day Outings and Outfits

February brings Groundhog Day, President’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Most couples tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a casual date night or some singles may head to the movies and treat themselves to dinner. Rather you’re single or taken, here are a few ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet that you can get uber swanky for.

Orchestra Showing

Get captivated by a solo pianist or full orchestra. Everyone will be dressed to the nines for these mostly formal events. If you’re in Savannah, check out the Savannah Philharmonic or buy tickets to a show at the Savannah Music Festival – a world renowned music festival that last for 2-3 weeks!

Don’t have an orchestra, try a ballet or opera. Most big cities have booked artists for these entertainment venues.

A Wine Tasting

Enough said 🙂 Really, if you enjoy spirits, consult a wine connoisseur for a private wine tasting. You both (or you… or I 🙂) will enjoy sampling new and different wines from across the globe.

Malikah is wearing a red gowned black faux fur from Copper Penny.

Other Dress Ideas: Try Rent the Runway!


Book classes or swing the night away at an event. Try Flamenco or the Tangooooo…honestly most Latin dances are beautiful and sexy.

Hire a Personal Stylist

Yes, shameless plug, BUT take the hassle off of yourself and allow a professional stylist and shopper to pick a look for your sweetie on date night or book an entire shopping trip. Either way, you can’t go wrong with hiring a professional image consultant.

Dress Up for Yourself

Take some time out for yourself… pamper, spa day, get your hair and nails done and buy a new dress and heels and STEP OUT. It is scientifically proven that applying makeup and self care in general can boost your self esteem. So take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

Malikah is wearing a dress from Copper Penny, but you can get a similar style here.

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