Soft and Feminine – My Typical Savannah Day

Spring in Savannah is approaching. There’s of pollen from all the azalea blooms and temps have been creeping into the eighties already for perfect beach weather. This is my favorite time of year in Savannah because…well, the weather will be most tolerable for a few most before the sun scorches the streets. It’s time for soft and flirty looks with lots of pastels and neutrals. Delicates and silks. All great for brunch and professional outings.

Between work and meetings and a few things in between, I like to be comfortable, but ready for any occasion. I’m definitely one for bright and bold colors, but i’ve been so drawn to neutrals, delicate florals and classic chic styles with lots of movement. Neutrals are definitely safe, but they are universal for everyone… and most events.

I work in Downtown Savannah and can wear these taupe blush high waisted pants for a coffee morning meeting at Paris Market, have a quick lunch at Vic’s, hop over to work for a few hours or do some shopping for a client and end my night at Good Times Jazz Bar with my beau. They have the best live jazz coupled with soul food in Savannah.

This ultra soft top from Club Monaco is light weight and breathable and adds an element of elegance to my pants from Carlisle of York (a super fun, fashionable and quirky boutique…really nothing else like it) with the cut outs and shapes.

I added some chandelier earrings and my rose gold Obaku watch I purchased from Zia Boutique. I kept my makeup soft and neutral for easy transition during the day. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know how much I love makeup and i’m always testing products.

For a humid Savannah day, a matte, oil control foundation is best (especially for oily skin). My favorites are the Hourglass Vanishing Stick Foundation, Loreal Infalliable 18 hour and the Maybelline Superstay stick. These 3 have been in rotation for me. I also love the Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier foundation. I’ll be doing an updated routine and blog very soon.

Photos taken at Forsyth Park with Destiny’s Creation

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