Printing Mixing: Mixed Prints – 4 Tips

Do you mix prints? Like, really color clash? I do, it’s probably one of my favorite fashion practices, but so many people are afraid to do it. Why? I believe because they don’t understand the basic rules to print mixing and how to style patterns and prints for a specific body type. Fear not, here’s how I mix prints as modeled by a professional I styled.

For starters, you need a color family or primary color. Here, it’s a neutral cream and black base. Both of the prints need to have a single color that brings the outfit together cohesively.

2. SCALE! This is very important. The size and scale of the pattern or print will coordinate better together and will also not have people squinting at you because every aspect of your outfit is a micro-scale.

3. Pull together with a POP of color. This satin ribbon on the hat and heels are mustard…perfect for a pop of color. Or a bright blouse, like below.

4. Doesn’t matter – Same Print, different colors OR Multiple Prints. We did a plaid, horizontal stripe and micro plaid, BUT AGAIN, we had a similar color. You can do CONTRASTING prints, like I did here. The same print with a contrast (darker) color.

Have you tried this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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