3 Ways to Style Your Power Suit

Spring is kicking into full gear, and if you’re looking for one fall/winter trend to transition to spring, it’s definitely the Power Suit! If you have a suit you’re putting off to wear, dust it off and try these fresh trends to complete your #HBIC look.

Color Blocking

First thing first…get a colored suit. Try a jewel or pastel colored suit that will be perfect for panels, speaking engagements or commanding attention when you walk in the office. Then, ditch your safe, solid button down and opt for a solid colorful blouse. Pick a blouse with texture, movement or even a subtle cut off.

For my naturals…

Don’t be afraid to wear hair that grows from your scalp. That’s why it’s called natural. There’s a misconception that natural hair isn’t professional. In short, I just debunked this myth. This is how you #HBIC your fro.

Classic White

A lot of women don’t consider wearing a full on white suit to work, but it’s a great style staple that will break up a monotonous color pallet of black, grey and navy. A white suit is a Power move and commands attention. While adding color to your suit story reads bold and creative, a white suit can be worn casually with adidas (think Ellen Degeneres) or with pumps. A tee or blouse. It’s easy to play with this color.

Contrasted Prints

If you’re one for a statement, wearing contrasted prints or any of those print mixing styles is bold for business. Not only is it bold, it reads that “i’m fearless” in my fashion choices. Step out of the box by contrasting (light and dark) your suit colors. It photographs well for events and you’ll be the best dressed in the office.

Ready to try these trends? Let me know!

Striped Suit HERE | Blue Suit HERE |Colored Suits HERE |

Photos: Destiny Creations | Habersham Productions

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