My Day Trip to Charleston – 6 Things To Do

All Photos: Destiny Creations

If Savannah was a person, not Guthrie, and she had an older sibling, a charming older brother, fashionable, cultured and beautiful, his name would be Charleston. I took a day trip to Charleston, South Carolina to check out the hype of the famed Southern city. Here’s what I found and what I did.

A short two hour, maybe less, drive from Savannah, Georgia is Charleston, South Carolina, but on the way near Beaufort is the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. The Church was burned during Civil War, but the massive brick columns remain.

A beautiful and scenic place, I stopped here to grab pictures of course. Inside is also buried a Colonel who helped map the City of Savannah, but the majestic oaks still stand despite the numerous hurricanes that have most assuredly visited the area. This is definitely a beautiful spot for engagement or wedding photos, but in 2015, the ruins closed to actual ceremonies.

Charleston is very similar to Savannah. It’s on the ocean and extremely Southern, but it’s a a much bigger town than Savannah. I’m a Southern girl, so I like the atmosphere and pace of the South. While bigger than Savannah, it absolutely has the small town feel. It also has amazing dining.

Off King and Queen streets lies 82 Queen, a beautiful garden terrace restaurant nestled in and outside of some historical living quarters. The weather was beautiful. This would be the perfect date night restaurant on a romantic evening in the garden. I’ll also mention, as a Southerner, sweet tea RUNS through my veins and 82 Queen did not disappoint. Neither did their shrimp and grits and buttery handmade biscuits!

King Street must be known for their shopping! From Forever 21 to Cynthia Rowley to Louis Vuitton, the shopping district has something for everyone. Locally owned fashion boutique, Hampden houses some of the best French designers and shop owner Stacy has designed the store to look the part of a runway mixed with a showroom. Hampden has plenty of fine clothing for the modern woman. Looking for local handmade bath products check out Old Whaling Company. I have their lavender body butter and fell in love with the Seaberry and Red Clay bar soap. So good…and clarifying.

Just a short walk from King Street is the Charleston Harbor and The Battery, a quaint walkable area with a pier overlooking small inlets and outwards to the Atlantic Ocean.

At the pier, you can see Naval ships, mingle with those undocking a cruise ship or just enjoy the scenery and grab a snack and enjoy a book. Maybe take a stroll with your pet or a friend .

Another short walk… Charleston is very walkable… is Rainbow Row – a historic and Instagram worthy picture spot which is home to the last few in tack Georgian style houses. Story goes, someone painted their house pink for it to look nicer and all the neighbors followed. Short history lesson.

If you’re looking for art and culture, check out Neema Gallery on Broughton Street, home to all African American paintings, sculpture and jewelry. There maybe a sweet, precious and very quizzical 6 year old waiting for you.

After you’ve strolled the Battery, shopped on King Street and visit the art gallery, make sure you make it to Angel Oak BEFORE 5:00 PM. I was so disappointed the gates were closed when we got there, but the tree is so… gigantic and majestic. This was a very chill day trip. Let me know if you visit any of these spots!

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