Sultry Evening or Event Styles

I might be biased, well, i’ll always be biased on most Southern things like handmade biscuits, sweet tea and Southern weddings. I actually don’t like being in weddings…can you image how frustrating they are? But a guest, i’ll take any opportunity to look cute and turn a few heads. Here are three fun looks to wear to your next nuptial ceremony or night out.

A Vibrant Jumpsuit

If you’re heading to a swanky event that calls you to get dressed up, but you don’t need to be formal, an easy jumpsuit is the best option (just don’t drink too much…pest in the restroom). I love the colors on this jumpsuit and because it’s SO bright, I kept the accessories minimal and pulled my hair up.

I kept the accessories, including my shoes colorful because they weren’t super chunky and added fun pops of colors. If you don’t feel comfortable in a full on print, rock a solid option…white is always good (EXCEPT if the bride specifically doesn’t want anyone else in white) for more weddings and occasions.

Solid Jumpsuit Option

Pencil Skirt

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look good in a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are flattering on a myriad of figures and heights. They highlight and/or creates a figure eight. I’d caution you that you may want some Spanx to be totally snatched. Kim Kardashian and other celebrities wear them… I promise you.

Pencil skirts also elongate your figure. Try to wear a blouse that can easily tuck into the skirt, if you’re about that life, wear a crop top and a duster. Maybe not the latter to a company event.

Similar Skirt

Dress with Movement

If you’re going to be doing the bus stop or wobbling a few times, wear a fun dress with movement! That means layers, fringe, asymmetrical cut, etc.

This Dress Here

If you’re a woman who loves dancing or holding the wall, you’ll love a dress with movement simple because it’ll move as you walk. These are fun dresses for weddings, cocktail parties or if it’s your birthday! Keep it sexy and ultra chic with some great shoes, like the jeweled Valentino inspired heels.

Have fun at your next event!

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