The Sweet Life

There was a time when I lived in Louisville and Atlanta. I would always bring back one thing back from Savannah to share…it was pralines.

Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving and my birthday…all national holiday’s, I think i’m adding National Praline Day to the list of favorite holidays! June 24 is National Praline Day and River Street Sweets | Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is the sweetest place to be….well, any day of the week.

My friend Jade and I took the kids to the candy store…and it was everything you can imagine with kids in the candy store. Jelly belly’s, chocolate, ice cream and praline samples!

For over 40 years, the Strickland family of Savannah, Georgia has made the South synonymous with handmade Southern Sweets. From World Famous Pralines®, saltwater taffy, hand stretched peanut brittle to homemade pecan pies, their made-from-scratch southern delicacies are known worldwide.

Since I was a child and before River Street had a walkable dock, my parents always took us to the Candy Kitchen. Her favorites to this day are divinities. Pretty much whipped egg whites, sugar and pecans. My favorite? Praline’s…obviously.

Head to River Street Sweets | Savannah’s Candy Kitchen for a great time with your kids, or your honey. They also have an amazing selection of golden aged candy – like The Charleston Chew, Chico Sticks, Peanut Butter Bars and Whatchamacallit’s…yes, they have it all. You can even order corporate gifts or have the best ice-cream!

Check out and swing by River Street Sweets on your next Savannah day out!

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