Charming, Unconventional Bridal Accessories

Looking to buck traditional wedding accessories?  Give your bridal style a signature look with unique and unconventional accessories that can be worn outside of your wedding day!


Skip traditional diamond or pearl studs for something handcrafted, like these Byzantine era crocheted Israeli earrings.  The give a subtle color to your look and the peacock shape adds and exudes such personality!

No Pearls. No Diamonds.

Pearl and crystal strands are a cope out.  For the regal and luxury bride, a statement necklace will give you a majestic flair. Swap those diamonds, pearls and crystals for a polished stone, like this moonstone covered with brushed gold. Perk? You can dress it up with any formal look and always standout!

Complete the look with gold inspired pieces, such as these small brushed gold earrings and a classic cuff. (Looking for a minimal or bohemian look ethnically inspired? Try these.)

For a Cause – 3D

What is 3D printing? Pretty much it’s a computer aided designed and then it’s printed layer by layer. Maybe lasers are involved, but I’m a stylist. These coral inspired earrings are 3D printed and then the resin is hand painted. Designed after the diminishing coral reefs, these lightweight and intricately designed earrings are on sterling silver and will pair well with formal and casual attire.

Complete the look with gold inspired pieces, such as this new classic cuff.

All Dresses Handmade: Modehaus Bridal

Photography: Destiny Creations

Jewelry: 13 Secrets Savannah

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