Incorporating 3 Fall Styles

It’s finally here… a new style blog on the first day of Fall! I, for one am happy about the season change; Summer was not all it was caked up to be, even though it’s my favorite season for weather. I’m really excited about what this Fall will bring, but the fashion trends have me equally excited.

I’m sharing 3 of my favorite fall trends in one cool look, perfect for any occasion!

Monochromatic Color Scheme

We tend to have lots of similar, but not exactly the same colors in our separates. No worries, because mono looks are in this fall, especially earthy and neutral shades.

A Splash of Animal Print

You’re probably going to be seeing lots of leopard, cheetah and zebra from me and everyone else (lol); it’s my favorite trend because I absolutely LOVE leopard! I’ll actually wear full animal print (to come later), but for now, just adding it in through accessories – heels, bag or earrings. I opted for some Steve Madden leopard print heeled sandals.

This a great subtle way of incorporating the trend if you don’t want to wear the print in clothing!

Fall Fedora

Hats get a bad rep – they can be costume’y’, worn for obvious reasons such as covering a bad hair day (thus not methodical for the look) or the wrong style worn and over-casualing the hats purpose. A hat can elevate and enhance your look, like this wide brimmed teardrop Fedora.

The style of the fedora can be easily worn with classic styles and silhouettes, effortlessly complementing your look without your look being complex and clownish.

Are you excited to try any of these trends? Let me know below!

Images: Destiny’s Creation

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