Mental Getaway, King and Prince

I’m just going to empty it all out here… old school blog style.

I didn’t know how much of a mental break and spiritual cleanse I needed until I was completely in shambles everyday for TWO solid months. I was carrying so much depression, anxiety, heartbreak, heartache and death around with me. My bags were packed and full! I’m not sure at what point I realized that I was coming from out of it, but I will say for me, it happened spiritually first.

As both an entrepreneur AND someone who was actively looking for employment (because who just makes it financially in the beginning with no investors or trust fund), I rely on providing for my basic humanistic needs first. So what happens when they aren’t met? You buckle. You question why. You doubt everything… and on top of that, dealing with a close death, breakup, people wasting your time and a host of other issues stemming from every aspect and corner for months on end drove me crazy.

So many blows we’re happening personally, yet (as I created) everyone sees and speculates things are great with (sporadic) publishing and opportunities. I was listening to Michael Todd’s Faith series like clockwork and it helped me leaps and bounds. It made me come up from my grave and have faith in myself again and enforced my belief that God was capable and providing every need.

I haven’t been on a vacation or trip of any kind in 4 years… and I love traveling and exploring. But you know, entrepreneurship and unemployment. I carved out sometime for myself to drive and hour away from Savannah to visit St. Simons Island.

A beautiful and relaxing drive to the Golden Isles is therapeutic enough, but I stayed at the King and Prince Golf Resort and whew.

From the staff to view to the early morning walks on the beach to the AMAZING food at Echo, it was so delightful and rejuvenating.

Now, I am a Cancer… I thrive on, in and near water. I cry a lot. High emotional and my spirit probably will go to Atlantis when I pass (lol). Waking up those few mornings to the most amazing sunrises and planning my day to walk the beach to witness it set revived me.

I was drowning this year, but I learned to survive both under water and on land. If you have a chance say no to others and yes to yourself. Our self care should be in the top 4 things we do if we are going to change ourselves and lives of others. I asked for a lot of help this year alone and when I was quiet, my army was loud.

You don’t need to book an overseas vacation when the sweet coast of Georgia is healing enough. Georgia has some of the best coastlines and relaxing beaches on the East Coast… all 99 miles. Near or far, there’s a gem tucked away off the Atlantic Ocean that will give you peace and great food!

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