What to Wear for Engagement Shoot

Congratulations! Love is a beautiful thing and should always be celebrated! Now time to plan your wedding…starting with the announcement that ‘I couldn’t let her getaway!’ and ‘GURL, you should see this ring!’. You’ve got to create a catchy hashtag and figure out the best way to present the announcement, but I’m here to tell you: for keepsakes, printed albums and social media, your engagement photos are the head turners. Here are 4 Tips to help you plan the best engagement photo session

Photography: Destiny Creation’s Photography

Dress Up

You dress in regular clothes everyday. When one says dress up, she simply doesn’t mean your good clothes or your church clothes, she means SLAY.

Step outside of the box and in a fun and unique way, express your personal style at maximum personification level 13 with my personal ALT (alternative) method: accessorize, layer, (add) texture.


Location will be everything. Be sure to CHECK THE WEATHER on your date and have a back up venue in case. Shooting at a location that has great indoor and outdoor aesthetics and decor would be ideal. On a budget? Try utilizing a church or a hotel lobby. Lots of places want the press and photography for their media outlets and won’t mind.


Your engagement session should absolutely capture the best of you as individuals and as a couple. Have fun, laugh, flirt… it should be natural.

Hire a Stylist

It’s a long exhaustive list of things that have to be done during wedding planning. Hiring a personal stylist will eliminate the headache, will ensure both partners look their best and make sure ever minor detail is tended too. One less major thing to worry about. Plus, you get to see the possibilities of having a personal bridal stylist to assist with planning and executing the image of everyone involved without the critique and harsh criticism of others.

Find out more about hiring a personal stylist by emailing me at charisse@charissestyles.com.

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