Winter 2019 Trend – Monochromatic Fashion

Want to know the secret to a polished and pulled together look? It may just be as simple as dressing in all the same color… or like colors. It’s called the tonal dressing and it’s pretty popular right now in fashion. Despite popularity… it’s a little hard for those of us who LOVE color and prints BUT here as some easy tips to help you pull it off – because if I can, like this run on sentence, so can you!

Photography: Destiny Creations

Is this a new trend? Of course not, but it is one coveted by minimalists and luxury fashionistas. Here’s how to make it your own:

Mix Textures

I’m always going to suggest mixing textures; it’s an easy way to add depth and complexity to your look.

You can mix the textures by mixing fabrics, textures (fuzzy or velvet) and finishes (i.e. sequins or sheen).

Skirt | Similar Skirt | Steve Madden Shoes Are LESS than $50!

Break Up the Tones

A handbag or a belt… or a belted handbag is a great way to add both texture and to break up a solid color.

Belt Bag| Snakeskin Boot (1/2 OFF)

Add Color

Yes, you are NOT limited to neutral and fleshy toned colors to pull off the tonal trend. Try chocolate, soft mint or lavender in varying shades and tones to pull off the monochromatic trend.

Accessorize Out Your Comfort Zone

Wear hats, cuffs, hair clips and chunky layers to add to your look . . . and uniqueness!

Similar Baker Boy Cap

Are you trying any of these tips?

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